LA At Night – Seriously, You Have To Consider These Great Places

The first thing you need to know about the LA hot spots is that they’re not all what they’re supposed to be – mainly because their importance and place in the trend scale shifts from one week to the other. In other words, what’s really hot this weekend, is simply can be boring and obscure the following week. So let’s focus on finding something that is interesting for more than one weekend. Right now I want to discuss about those places where you can have a lot of fun, where you can meet interesting people but where you can also drink your Cosmo or your beer in peace without having to bump into particularly everyone you don’t want to meet.

One great place to hang out is Area at 8000 Beverly Boulevard – the particular thing about this hangout is the fact that it’s a bit of a celeb hung, however, even if the celebrities end up moving out of there and going for the next big thing (or bar), Area still remains quite interesting and worth strolling through during a Friday or Saturday night. Somewhere midway between the 60s and the 70s, they managed to create an amazing style within, and it’s usually quite funky and stylish. The one thing you’ll need to remember is a reservation since it’s not all that easy to get in, especially last minute.

Bordello is that kind of a theme bar that’s simply amazing for a Saturday night with the gals or for picking up someone new. The lighting is dim – perfect for when you want to pick up someone and you don’t want 2000 watts shining at your frights. The red lounges and the beautiful artworks build an interesting feel that will make you feel comfortable, chic while putting you out there.

Oh, and since I just told you about putting yourself out there, Here (yes, that’s the bar’s name) is this perfect place in LA (one of the best gay clubs around for that matter) that is midway between good taste and amazing time. No snobbish feeling, not to mention it’s one of those places where you just feel comfortable in a crowd because of the type of people that usually end up in there. Fun vibes, general outgoing people that want to have a great time – what more do you want. So, pick a place that is best for you and enjoy environment, music, drinks, people… Enjoy your life!

5 Ways Surfers Can Avoid the Winter Months for Life

As a devout surfer the winter months in England can be a real pain in the rear. The water temperatures drop to minus a million, exposed parts of your body attempt to fall off without consent and some of the grumpiest people imaginable emerge from the wood work to have a go at you for no apparent reason when you return to your car (I think it’s got a lot to do with the fact they think you’re crazy for having been in the water for a few hours).

So I have devised the following sure fire ways that all surfers can avoid ever having to suffer through another winter in the future.

1. Become filthy rich. There are all sorts of reasons why this can be a good thing. No more eating cold beans out of a can or tuna & rice night after night just so you can afford beer and the petrol to get your board to the beach. No more working for someone you don’t like to pay a mortgage on a house that smells with the wife you can no longer stand. Not to mention the fact you can say anything you like to anyone without fear of repercussions and you’ve got a more than sweet deal on your hands. But above all you can literally travel the World on an endless summer of surfing without needing to see another snow flake in your life. So what’ stopping you? Ah yes, it’s fairly hard if you’re not a banker, C list celeb or have a conscience but still you can but try.

2. Turn Pro. A variation on the above in that you escape the winter months by getting sponsors to pay for you to be elsewhere. Granted you need to be fairly good at your sport if you’re going to do this but hey don’t the movies tell us that if you work hard enough at something and truly believe then a musical montage will kick in and in a few short moments you’ll be whisked away to Maui. This is the one I’m banking on courtesy of the fact my surfing is mediocre at best and a bloke that looked a lot like Mr Miyagi was checking me out for a long time the other day. I’m sure he’s going to step in at any minute and show me how to paint a fence.

3. Burn rubber and cut down trees. Everyone else seems to be doing it at every increasing rates so why not join in? With enough wanton destruction of this World we can end any semblance of civilisation and throw ourselves open to the full effects of climate change. With any luck England will become a desert beset by the greatest swells this side of El Salvador.

4. Marry someone who doesn’t speak English. Literally anyone. Just marry them. With any luck after the wedding ceremony you can check their passport as you board the flight for your honeymoon and be on your way to surf Eden for a life in Central America, South East Asia or Greenland. Greenland? Oh no, what have you done.

5. Die. Yes it’s extreme but hear me out. There are a lot of people on this planet that keep banging on about the afterlife being amazing. I, being an atheist, don’t believe them but am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt should the other 4 options not work out for me. I mean if it’s a choice between another winter in Boscombe and the unknown that is the perfect afterlife well, there’s only one winner.

Let’s see if we can’t make it happen.

The Most Lively Ski Resorts in France

With the exception of Chamonix, the most lively ski resorts in France are undoubtedly those in the Trois Vallées ski area – Meribel, Courchevel, La Tania, Les Menuires-Saint Martin, Val Thorens and Orelle. Over the years, these villages have become well trodden tourist routes for skiers all over the world and as a result a range of activities have sprung up alongside the comfortable hotels and cosy alpine restaurants. Val Thorens, Meribel and Courchevel have earned the name ‘the blockbuster resorts’ and like the film genre of the same name they are packed full of action and things to see and experience.

Courchevel is probably the glamorous face of the Trois Vallées where you could find yourself rubbing shoulders with celebs in Gucci ski suits whilst you enjoy your post-slope martini. Courchevel has a huge range of accommodation options and more restaurants than you could possibly hope to eat in during the course of one holiday. The après ski centres around Les Caves, a flamboyant nightspot complete with podium dancers and litres of Dom Perignon. Slightly more down to earth is Kaliko, which tends to focus more on fun than fashion. There’s also Piggy’s, The Grange and Bubble Bar.

Meribel is another big resort and has a huge selection of activities, as well as the usual après ski fare. The Meribel Olympic Centre has a gym, ten-pin bowling and a climbing wall and you can also sign up for non-ski Alpine options like dog sledding, walking and snow biking. At night the resort really comes alive with holidaymakers enjoying their hard earned post ski partying. Le Rond Point is a hugely popular destination, particularly as it has a large sun terrace where you can enjoy a drink or two whilst listening to a live band. The Taverne has an excellent happy hour and there are several English run bars including Scotts and le Pub. In terms of clubbing, Meribel is well equipped with Dicks Tea Bar and Loft.

Val Thorens is another lively resort in the Trois Vallées and the highest in the area. The resort has a good selection of bars and watering holes, although perhaps not quite the same level of choice as resorts like Meribel. Le Tango and Ski Rock Café are two popular options and The Frog and Roastbeef is a good place for live music and club-wise, it’s all about New Pop.

Outside of the Trois Vallées, Chamonix inevitably deserves a mention. Chamonix town or Argentière provide the centre for the valley’s après ski activities, offering an international selection of bars, restaurants and pubs. Chamonix does have a pretty party hard reputation, from the happy hour at Chambre Neuf, to the fact that it has its own brewery – Canadian-owned Micro Brewery de Chamonix – so bring your Alka Seltzer if you want to be fresh enough to get onto those skis in the morning!

The fact that après ski has now become such big business is reflected in most ski resorts – the activities involved once the boots come off are now almost as important to a ski holiday as the skiing itself! As a result, you are likely to find entertainment in all but the smallest locations. But if you’re looking for the liveliest of ski resorts it has to be Meribel, Courchevel, Val Thorens or Chamonix.

Magazine Subscriptions

It can be difficult to know what magazine someone would most like. I always like the idea of purchasing a magazine subscription for people who I cannot think of a present; it’s a great idea. Magazine subscriptions means that you can make sure the gift recipient always gets something they like and they get a new one every month. I’ve written the following article to give you great gift ideas in regards to magazines. I hope the following article helps.

If you are purchasing for a woman you may want to consider the following;

• Some people enjoy crafts so a cross stitch or craft subject would be a great idea. Paper crafts or knitting would also be a great subject.
• If the woman you’re purchasing for enjoys celebs and films the perfect gift would be a film oriented or a gossip magazine.
• Someone who enjoys arts or photography may enjoy a subject of photo editing, computer arts or a digital camera magazine.

If you are purchasing for a man you may want to consider the following;

• For men who enjoy sports, adrenaline or outdoor activities you may want to consider a mountain biking, cycling or motor sports subject.
• If they enjoy games and play station activities it pay be a good idea to purchasing an Nintendo, play station or total guitar magazine
• If they enjoy Rock music a rock oriented subject may be of use.
• Don’t forget you can purchase the stereotypical lads magazines which include gadget reviews, test drives of new sport cars and pictures of female models.

If you are purchasing for someone under the age of 16 don’t forget to ask for permission from parents for certain subject magazines.

I hope the article helped and don’t forget that if you purchase online you can save money with voucher codes and cash back options with comparison sites.

The Real Reality

Since May of 2000, television was revolutionized. Season one of the hit reality show, “Survivor” swept the nation… and then every other ridiculous idea came after that. Well… not every idea was ridiculous. In this article, I will go over the reality shows that make people wish they were living that sort of life instead of their own. Also, the reality shows that still make people wish they were living a different life, but only because they realized they just wasted their lives watching a load of crap.

Let me tell you what my definition of a “Reality Show” is. A reality show is supposed to put normal people in conflicting or challenging circumstances while the cameras catch all of the unscripted action. So, before you go off saying, “Hey, ya jerk! I like Flava Flav!”, think about it. Besides, it’s my article so screw you.

Top 5 Best:
5. Dancing with the Stars – First off, I’d like to say that when I said reality shows are about normal people, I meant it. The people on this show are B-list celebs at best, and most are making some sort of comeback from something in their life. That’s as normal as you can get, without them being a nobody. Again, see the last line of the above paragraph if you disagree.

The season that really made me push this into my top five, was the one that featured Steve-O from “Jackass”. It was very inspirational to see him turn his life around from using drugs and drinking, to doing something as artistic as dancing. It was a class upgrade X10. Plus, it was kind of funny seeing him waltz in a tux, rather than prance in his underwear while stapling his nut sack to his leg. This show is full of class and entertainment from watching them trip over themselves in practice to them tearing up the floorboards on stage. Good job, ABC, for putting this show together.

4. America’s Next Top Model – Normally, I would condemn any show about an industry which supports eating disorders in young girls and women, but with host Tyra Banks, the show not only supports beauty, but also finding the beauty in yourself. For instance, several plus size models have been very accepted on this show (It’s only fair since Tyra’s forehead is bigger than any of them). The show challenges all of the contestants positively. Ok, end of the cliché. Yes, this show is marketed more towards women, but guys… you and I both know we’ve sat down and watched the marathons of the previous season. It’s entertaining, sexy, and FIERCE! This show is chalked up to the lesser watched, CW (AKA The WB).

3. Amazing Race – This show is in my personal top five. Teams of partners pit against each other for a cash prize while completing challenges in a race around different parts of the globe. The even better thing about this show is that they are great at casting contestants. They make sure that the teams not only work well together, but also have some sort of conflict between them, making everything more entertaining. Watching a midget and her forbidden lover wade through mud pits in the Louisiana swamps, or an obnoxiously gay duo scream at the top of their lungs while zip lining over a canyon; it can’t get much better. Kudos to CBS for this one.

2. American Idol – Putting this one in the top best list makes me want to puke, but I would be remiss if I didn’t. “American Idol”… the show that holds the highest ratings of any reality show and gets more votes than the American president. Simon Cowell might as well run the country. For those of you paranoid freaks that have been living in a cave for the past 15 years, “American Idol” starts each season off by holding auditions in different parts of the country as we watch the best and the absolute worst singers take their shot. If they get a pass to Hollywood, they are divided up and made to sing for the next several months until America picks their favorite (Not always the most talented). Thank you, America and FOX, for making me put this in the best list. That was sarcasm if you didn’t catch it… I mean, don’t you think something is wrong when someone like William Hung gets a record deal? Ugh… now I have to go take a shower.

1. Survivor – The original reality show. Some people say that all of the other reality shows are the same thing with different variations. I wouldn’t take it that far, but the producer of this show is the genius behind this long term fad. The very first season was amazing. The gay, nudist, would-be winner, Richard Hatch, running down the beach past the other competitors is burned into the minds of every reality show viewer. That’s when the show’s creator knew reality programming with no scripts was TV gold. By the way, Jeff Probst, the show’s host, is still biggest douche bag in any reality show. I KNOW, I know… Simon Cowell is mean, but Probst just flat out abuses his contestants (and it’s funny as hell). Another great one for CBS.

Top 5 Worst:
5. Big Brother – This is the first “put a bunch of hot, spoiled people together and see what kind of drama happens” show. It was the first cross-over between contest reality show and drama reality show. No one is sure if it was scripted or not, but I am inclined to say no due to the contest part of it. However, putting whorish people in the same house for money while the cameras are overhead, watching (The Big Brother part of the show), marks the turning point for evil in reality programming. I’m disappointed in you, CBS.

4. Wife Swap – Who in the hell came up with this idea? Either someone who was tired of their significant other or someone about to get divorced. This show takes wives/mothers from families that are polar opposites of each other. I mean opposite as in everything they do as a family and personalities. Then the cameras roll while the wives get verbally abused by the family they were traded to or as they take control of said family. Even worse, every once in a while, the wife would fit right in with the new family, making it awkward for everyone as America watches her “grow closer” with her new husband. ABC is at fault for this one.

3. Real World – The jump from a contest to scripted BS starts here. This show takes Big Brother, chokes the fun out of it and tells us we didn’t see any of the vicious murder. In fact, it tells us all we want to see are a bunch of smutty 20-something-year-olds, living together, cheating, lying, backstabbing, and screwing for their chance to stay longer in some Southern California mansion. Reminds me of one of the circles of Hell… probably the same one that the show’s host channel, MTV, came from.

2. Flavor of Love – What happens when you take the worlds ugliest, most obnoxious, man and put him on a show similar to the bachelor? You get a cesspool of ghetto booties, gold teeth, and oversized clocks. At least the bachelor has a little class. This is like asking all the women from the inner cities and trailer parks of the nation, to fight over the richest crack head they could find. However, the scene where “Pumkin” spit a loogie on “New York” will live in infamy. Bravo for that, but otherwise, up yours, VH1.

1. I Love New York – What’s worse than “Flava of Love”? A spin off show featuring one of its most famous contestants. Basically, copy and paste the above paragraph down here and switch the men and women. There’s not a whole lot more I can say except… VH1, what the f*** is wrong with you? What happened to music channels? I miss “The Box”.

Honorable/Dishonorable Mention:

  • So You Think You Can Dance- Great show for dancing hopefuls and fanatics. Some of the routines are awesome. Even better when you can laugh at the stereotypically flamboyant male dancers.
  • The Bachelor- Interesting show, but the marriages never work out. (Surprise!)The female version was the same, just switch the places. If you attend their weddings, don’t get a gift that you can’t return.
  • Laguna Beach- At least this show admits to being BS. Yet girls who claim they hate drama, watch this and secretly wish it was them.
  • America’s Got Talent- This is more like a variety show. Never the less, it’s still fun to watch and you usually end up rooting for someone hardcore. (Go ventriloquist guy!)
  • The Mole- This is probably my all time favorite reality show. It was dubbed “The smartest show on television” until it was canceled. I think that’s a testament to America’s general intelligence. Fear Factor- This didn’t make the list because it’s more of a game show than a reality show. People doing gross or scary things for a measly 50K. You like balls in your mouth? (Cow balls that is.)
  • Super Nanny- A show for parents who don’t know how to parent. What’s one way to make bratty kids behave? Bring in a nanny who is even more bratty.
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – Not really a reality show. More like a show about people doing nice things for other people. Also, I don’t care if you’re Jack The Ripper, you will shed a tear at some point.
  • Black. White.- What’s even more stupid than swapping wives? Swapping races! I know the show was supposed to make you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, but did no one see the potential for disaster here… on national TV? C’mon FX.
  • I Survived a Japanese Game Show- Another favorite of mine. A bunch of Americans sent to Japan to compete against each other on a game show. Japan… thank you for being so weird.